janice vania.

also known as jeje.
20 years old.
been accused of having ADHD by the people she called her bestfriends. (am not, actually)
currently studying in malaysia as a professional designer, but her heart is still indonesia's.
still hoping that someday hagrid will come to her house (or condo) and says, "janice, you're a wizard, you're not supposed to be here with these muggles." and take her to hogwarts.
or being claimed as daughter by poseidon and taken to the half-blood camp is cool, too.
or have a life like ted mosby. or jess from new girl. still okay.
 OR at least have zooey deschanel's face. no? eyes. just the eyes. that's the least she could ask for.
a proud christian. a blessing. 
a gift. like her name means.