jack frost digital painting

*swooping spider webs from my blog*

hello! i am so so sorry because i haven't update this blog for so long, well, because my life is not that interesting anyway. tee-hee.

i am now currently searching for internship, yes my uni forced me to. not that i don't want to do internships, even without my uni telling me i will search for one anyway. it's just, you know that feeling when you are forced to do something? even if at first you want to do it, you will become less enthusiastic right? or is it just me? *sigh*

oh, and i created an online portfolio at behance, too. click here > http://behance.net/janicevania if you want to take a peek. it's not that many, i blame my really really bad habit of not taking photos of my final work. *long, long sigh*

aanddd now i present you what i've written on the title, yes, the super dreamy and handsome character of all time (in my opinion; besides peter pan) :
*drooling all over my monitor*

i can proudly say i made this from scratch! yes i did. i created this in photoshop cs5 with the help of my graphic tablet, intuos5. and i admit, this is the first digital painting that i made wholeheartedly, and i really like the outcome :') don't you?

i told you earlier that i will make a proper drawing of jack frost, right? in my posts sometimes ago. and here it is! i fulfilled my promise. if you never watch rise of the guardians, you should! it's an awesome movie. and there are some awesome characters. especially jack.  he's so handsomeeee awmygawwdd *fangirling*. 

i think this will be the end of my post right here. see you when i feel like it, lol. toodles!