little freebies!

this is a quick post, i'm going through my final weeks for this semester now, wish me luck!

i should be doing assignment though.. but i'm making vector wallpapers instead. and i'm going to give you the download link, so feel free to take it :)

i made this just for fun okay, so please excuse the mess i made, lol.

the resolution for these are 1920 x 1080. for those who have wide screens! :D
download link : click here!

for the one who uses laptop daily, do not worry because i made (by made, i mean cut) some for you, too. these ones are suitable for 15" laptops.

download link : click here!

actually it would be best if you download the bigger one though, and then you can cut it yourself!

i can't recall why i made these super sad dead trees, but hell, i don't even know why i'm making these when i SHOULD be making assignments..


  1. doing what you love also important dear, haha..

  2. awesome drawing!


  3. hi! :) your blog header is cute ♥