i'm such a bad blogger!

i know! yes i know it already, don't judge me pwease :"

but hell, i'm back, right? or maybe not, because i can't promise more updates.. oh i am such a lazy ass! please don't unfollow my blog :"

i'm back in malaysia, and GOD KNOWS how bored i am. yes the assignments are super hard and so many and gaaahhh i don't even.. i'm just bored, you know. like stuck in a rut. trust me, it is not a good feeling. maybe i'm having a midlife crisis? yeah right, je, midlife crisis? you're not even 20 yet. but i will. soon. so very very soon. i'm old D':

okaayyy so i'm gonna move on with the rambling and i will spam you with..

 HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my loveliest soulsister slash bestfriend! *kishkish*
the upper picture was made in galaxy note (not a paid advertisement LOL)

and another HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my other bestie, hannachaannn ;*

 oh, jack frost, my jack frost, y u so pretty? 
ooh i made this myself by the way. teehee. *self-five* 

 i miss you, alpha! please let me bite that big nose of yours when i come back to indonesia!

"cici jenyish, am i not cute enough for you?"

"okay then. don't mind me, just a selfie :D
#camho #camwhore #selca"

well i think that is it for now.. thanks for not unfollowing my blog just because i am too lazy to update it.. see you on the next post, pretty people! hope it will be soon.. heehee.

jeje signs out!

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  1. your drawing looks good. I'm talking about jack frost :)

    .never settle for less.