jack frost, rise of the guardians

i know, i know..
this is the longest time i didn't wrote anything on this blog. but i'm back, right? :D
it's holiday, and it will be for 3 months. yes i know, it's really really long, i'm bored already.

oh by the way, have you guys watch rise of the guardians? i honestly thought it's the coolest cartoon of the year. it's sooo magical, i almost cried when i watched it. and to prove how good it is, i watched it twice. voluntarily.

and jack frost. oh my goshhh i know he is a made-up character, and only exists in movie, but he is really, really charming <3 he's my other cartoon crush, besides peter pan, of course. but jack frost in this movie is way more handsome than peter pan.

and that's why this post is made! this is a fan art of jack frost, haha, i know it's silly. and it's really really rough made, i only made it for maybe 1 hour (?). so take a look at this :

photoshop cs 5 and intuos 5

i know, i know it's not good, especially the hair part. this is the first time i tried making hair like that, and failed miserably, LOL. but i guess there's no shame sharing, right? :3

maybe someday i'll make another (better) jack frost fan art, more serious one, not just for fun like this. no, not maybe. i will :D

oh and by the way have you watch HIMYM season 8 episode 11 and 12? if you haven't, and you're a fan of #teambarneyrobin, you should! beware of tears-falling and thourough daydreaming after that, though :3 barney really is awesome!

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