for hanna-chan!

i was always interested in digital painting, and luckily my dad supported me 100 percent and bought me intuos 5 (for doing assignments, too, since i'm a design student :3).

i'm still learning and i'm nowhere near good, but i'm trying my best and will keep practicing :")

this is for my buddy from Little Bunny's Diary (click click!) 

i drew her as a bunny girl because she loves rabbit. she's wearing striped shirt, skirt, and wedges cause i know she likes to wear them. aanddd she's holding a camera and markers because photography and illustration is her passion! :D

hanna is a really cool girl, really talented, and really really choleric, haha. i met her in Limkokwing University. we have many things in common : we like to laugh a lot, we love mooncakes, we are really weird when we have sugar rush, we love striped shirt, and we are on our way to become great designers, isn't that right, han? :3

*the picture was made from scratch in photoshop cs 5 using intuos 5 touch 

by the way, look what she gave me! :D

thankyou hannaaa for the super cute illustration of me and neil! neil loves it, and me too :3
and yes i love blue stuffs and gadgets and especially dogs! haha ;3 btw what's the bunny doing there? LOL

you should open her blog! you'll find many cute stuffs like above :) just click the picture she gave me! :D


  1. awwww jejeee love it soo much. itu copic nya kocak banget loh kaya permen!! dan wedges nya udah kaya spatu orang romawi mo perang hahahahaha. lopyuuu jejeechu :*:*

    1. hahahaaa soalnya itu kyk wedges gw haannnn LOL cuma warnanya aja kali yaaa
      awww glad you like it! lopyutuuuu :*

  2. Sweet drawing! You are so talented

    Shall we follow each other?
    Jessie xx

  3. Lucu sekali Gambarnya Va...
    Ajarin gue dunk !!!

    Follow sukses..Followback ea..Salam Persahabatan !!