i am loving this galaxy noteeee! it's easier to take good pictures now, i don't need to bring my super heavy DSLR everywhere i go. although the quality's not as good as my DSLR though, but it's more than enough for me.

and instagram for android is out! finally. i made the account when i bought my ipod touch a year ago, but it's no fun because of the super crappy 1.3 megapixel itouch's camera. but now i can use instagram for my note, too. i'm happy :3

follow my instagram, by the way. it's @janicevania.

well i went to pavilion KL today and bought some new stuffs.

jelly lenses

bought those babies for RM50. different colors, different effect. the one that i've tried is the green one, the fish-eye lens. will try the others and post the result later. 

the result for fish-eye lens on neil. this is probably a bad example LOL sorry. i'll post a better one soon.

vintage leather laptop case

i bought this vintage laptop case in a store in pavi named typo. if you're a design student and you love typography, you'll literally love this store. as the name stated, the inside of the store have so many things related to typography. usually i don't like vintage stuffs, but i don't know why this one caught my eye.

 the hunger games by suzanne collins

i know i were so late at knowing this but i'm gonna start with the book first and will not watch the movie until i finished the book.


the infamous manhattan fish and chips and creamy mushroom soup

we ate at manhattan fish market. not gonna complain about it, not gonna give good comments about it either.

 me. with a new haircut.


  1. i loe your header ♥
    seriously it's really enchanting me!

  2. Hunger Games is by far my favorite book! You're adorable with your hair =) X


  3. nice... you look so beutiful... ^^

    btw, would like to visit and follow back my blog??? im the 20th follower of your blog...

    see you in my blog.... ^^