11pm dimsum madness

you remember how i've said i'm currently studying abroad? yes, i'm now studying in Malaysia in this deserted city called cyberjaya.

those who live here could probably understand that the food here in cyberjaya is.. well, boring. and not good enough to satisfy my greedy stomach.

and it's been so long since i've had to eat good meal. everyday it's just butter chicken, the cheap old lamb chop, the very cheap pick yourself Chinese, indomie, some perkedel i brought from home, and the cycle goes on and on and on.

but then yesterday, echa asked me to join her and our friends to eat dimsum. of course i wouldn't resist. finally a proper meal!

the restaurant is located in Kuala Lumpur. we arrived at 11pm and immediately started the dimsum madness as soon as we reached our table. it tasted like heaven, goodness god, or maybe because i haven't eat proper meal for so long, every good meal tastes like that too?

oh and i didn't took that many photos because we ate sooo many kinds of dimsum. what i ate is probably the usual, you know.. hakao, siew mai, chicken feet, xiao long bao, beancurd roll.. oh and i also eat the dou fu fa, the dessert which consist of silky tofu dipped in syrup.. soooo good. makes me salivating all over again just thinking about it.

siew mai

beancurd roll

i don't know what this is called, but it has thousand century egg, prawn, and salted egg in it

the dimsum stack

and this is the winner of them all.. the sweet cream bun, oh my goodness i cannot describe how good this is. warm, puffy, steam bun with the hot, creamy, sweet and salty custard filling literally oozing out when you bite it.. heaven. simply heaven. 

look at our happy faces :D
left to right : echa, me, hanna, bella
the people who joined but didn't include in the photo : willy, frendy, yemima, ferris, benny

p.s. all the photos are taken with my new samsung galaxy note. it's quite good, isn't it? :)


  1. muka kenyang jeeee!!!! hahahha

  2. di edit pake apa ni? di galaxy note juga? :)

    1. pake app namanya pixlr-o-matic, trus ada juga yg pake streamzoo, itu kayak instragamnya android gitu hehe :D
      iyaaaa di galnote :)