typography assignment, cuppycakesss

it's 3 a.m. in the morning and i just got home, hanna is having her birthday today so we got her a surprise.
click here to wish her a happy birthday :D

it's been a busy week, and i've just finished my first typography assignment for this semester. i'm so so satisfied with the result and it's actually the first time i really like my handwork, i don't know why. i know it's far from perfect, but i'm very happy with it. this is it :

what do you think?

it's really not as easy as it seems, because all of it is made from words arrangement only, no picture at all. i must put it one by one. it's really frustrating at first, but heck, totally worth it :)

oohh and if you're a cupcake lover and if eventually you're living somewhere in KL right now, cupcake chic has the best red velvet in town. 

 cupcake chic packaging

the infamous red velvet

nooo this is not an advertising LOL i'm not paid! but to tell you the truth, it is really really good, i mean it. the cake's not too sweet--just the way i like it--and the cream cheese frosting is perfect. they also have other flavours, and they're all good, but i think red velvet's the best. the cupcake chic store that i know is located in sunway pyramid, but they also have it in other places too. and they do delivery, how cool is that? :D

oh and it's 3:45 now. time to hit the bed, ciao!


  1. that cupcake looks delish!


  2. maaci looh di surprisein jeee :*:*:*