should i or shouldn't i?

i'm a graphic design student. currently studying in LUCT, malaysia. i'm not a professional, of course.
still learning. well, i'm thinking of making a tutorial...

yeaa, simple things of course, like, do any of you ever wonder about how to make the header of this blog? or how to make signature on your post, or change the annoying blogger icon? or maybe.. help you re-design your blog? i would love to help. but should i.. or shouldn't i? LOL anyway, if you got anything to ask about anything on my blog, i would gladly answer :)

ooh and by the way, lora updated her blog. finally! she said that her layout is too boring so she don't have any desire to update her blog, and she have no clue how to make it more fun. so i help her! i made the header, the facebook and twitter badge, changed the layout.. and here it is :

she said she like the new look of her blog and decided to blog more often! yayness :D
click the image to see her blog!

that's it.. tell me what you think, okay?


  1. Hai Janice, long time no see :)
    Jadi sekarang di Malaysia? Good luck ya.
    Love her layout you made <3

    1. hai na, long time no see jugaaa hihi :3
      sekarang sih lagi di indo na, ntar tanggal 22 feb baru balik malay.
      thankyouuu :D

  2. janice. hahahhha. teman SD. gak lupa lah.
    ngbrol2nya di blog. hahaha.
    how about your university in malay?? goodluck yah study dsnnya. thank you udh di follow :)
    mau dong lain kali di designnin. hahahah

    1. hai temen SD! haha
      yaaahh so-so lahh. enak ga enak dehh hehe :3
      iyaaa, sama-samaaa :)
      boleh banget kokkk kalo mau! hahahh :D