small family gathering on chinese new year's eve. went to the roof to burn some fireworks and fly lampions with my cousins. and the next day, you know, as usual gathered around again with the big family. i didn't bring my camera and it was waaayyyy too crowded (i have a big, big family). i didn't even know half of them, LOL. anyway it was fun.

 trying to lit up the lampions. none of us have ever done this before and none of us got the slightest clue how to do it and after struggling for 15 minutes or more it finally litted up!

look at how the thing flew :) 

 this one had a tiny little problem.. instead of going up, it's going down.. and end up on the ground :(

i don't know why but i love this candid shot of my cousin :D

happy lunar new year :D


  1. wow. it really works ! i saw in in disney tangled. LOL can;t believe it actually works.

    anyway, I'm throwing merchandises for lucky questioners in my post : http://eldreengabriella.blogspot.com/2012/01/faq.html . subscribe for more detail.


    1. yes it is :D
      your blog is awesome btw :)