welcome 2012 :)

okay sooo.. decided to change the background (again) and by changing the background i must change the buttons too. and my blogspot url. and the title of this blog. consider this a new year's gift, haha.

if you ask why the title is "always.", it's the title of one of my favorite panic! at the disco song. p!atd hardly made slow songs and this is one of them, and i love it so much. it's from their third album, vices and virtues.

this is the song if you want to hear :

it's short, the lyrics are simple and meaningful, really really lovely. good job p!atd :D

by the way it's new year already, thank God i'm still alive and living a happy life. happy new year guys, hope 2012 be a great great year and despite the rumor that it's the year when the world ends, i'm glad 2012 is here.

my new year's resolution? i don't have one, i don't like making them. call me shallow or whatever you want but that's just not me, maybe because of the sanguine? mehh i don't care. ciao, people.

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