why? why this? why not that? why is the sky blue? why is it not so blue anymore these days? why didn't God create woman first? why do cockroaches exist? why don't you shut the hell up and mind your own business? why am i not happy? why do we have one nose and two eyes? why can't dogs speak like human? why do people have mental diseases? why do some people are so hypocrite and nosy? why didn't i do anything these days? why can't i taste the freedom yet? why can we forget? why am i chinese but can't speak like one? why did the piano broke? why was i born in indonesia? why are leafs green? why can't we fly? why are they airing such scary ncis episode on fox at 1 a.m? why do i have black-brown eyes? why does it feel so empty? why do you ask? why am i stuck in this loophole of hell?

..why the hell am i writing things like these?


                                                                            ..why the freaking hell are you still reading this stupid post?

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