5 a.m in the morning.

it's 5. yes. and i'm hungry as hell. and i can't sleep.

do you know what i did? i checked my facebook friends' info to find their blogs.
yes i know it's freaky you don't have to tell it to my face. the good thing is i found some long lost friend. i also found blogs that i usually read long time ago that i've forgotten. i'm happy i found them.

things are kinda hazy. something feels weird. and the thing is, i don't know what it is. forgive me if i'm blabbering. it's 5, once again. i haven't sleep yet.

ooh by the way i saw this on a friend's blog (that i found by opening her facebook info, teehee) and it makes me go "aawww" :

way too adorable <3

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