merry christmas and happy (almost) new year


notice the changes on my blog? yes i change some buttons, remove some unecessary widgets, and change the blog mood. the background, i took it myself, it's my night lamp that i bought and arranged in my room at my condo. the inspiration is from echa and sasa.

merry christmas by the way! i know it's past christmas, but you can still feel the atmosphere, right?
and it's 8 hours to go before new year. time flies so fast, eh? and i just realize.. this blog is more than one year old now! gosh time does flies fast.

there's nothing much for the holiday. except well i went out with my friends, went to bandung a few days ago with my family, and did a photo shoot with lora. 'twas fun.

 couple shots of me. there's much more but i'm too lazy to upload it. i must tied up my bangs because it ridiculously horrible. screw the stylist that cut it. by the way notice how long is my hair? i've been dying to have hair this long and finally it's accomplished because of the pricey salons in malaysia. and do i look good with curly hair? because i'm thinking to make it permanent, but i'm afraid it will ruin my hair and if it's doesn't match my face type. oh and the glasses, i love it. my mom bought it for me because my last pair hurt the ears if it's worn for too long.

 lora. i love this shot of hers, it's really adorable i think :)

me and lora. this pic is taken in her mom's bedroom. i really like the tone of the bedroom.

it's good, is it? by the way i've been eating much in indonesia, i'm getting fatter and fatter. screw indonesian foods because they're so delicious. 

oh and fox family movies is airing toy story marathon, reminds me of my childhood. i have the original toy story and toy story 2 vcds, (VCD, the original one :D) but i don't know where they are now. i love toy story and i used to pretend to fall asleep at night and peeked at my barbie dolls to see if they went alive. (and they were not, by the way. or were they?)

i miss neil! i left him in malaysia with my housemate, i hope he's okay and stays fat.

i think that's it for now, i must go to church for the new year chapel. ciao!

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