for the birthday girl :)

hey lora, you're 18 now :D ga kerasa yaaa, haha! we've been friends for like, what, 2 years now? and i hope it'll be forever :) 

lora, remember you're 18 now. no more galau-galauan, okay? no more "being nice to people just cause you don't want to make trouble even though they're hurting you", speak lora, say what's on your mind, not through tweets or status, say it to their face! 

you're 18 now. you can go to clubs now, but no. i forbid you! LOL. i'm sorry i'm not there, and i can't give you concrete present, but well i tried my best :) and no, we didn't forgot your birthday, dear. we've talked through it yesterday, you can check my facebook messages :) may be you thought we forgot your birthday because we didn't congrats you first thing in the morning, right? but no, it's just to make you sad a little bit, teehee :D 

lora, you're 18 now. you're one step ahead to be a great cook. don't be lazy, okay? and don't waste your time on people who don't deserve to be with you! that's sooo annoying i've told you so many times but you wouldn't listen, but hey now you're 18! you should be more mature now, so you would listen to me, right? :D 

loraaaa i'm blessed to have you as my friend, although now we're separated by seas. and i miss youuuu! really. and i pray to God that we'll be friends forever :)

once again, happy birthday, soul sister in crime :D
me love youuu :)

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  1. ntr i balas di blog i ya..
    btw, you all successfully made me thought you all forgot. thankies thankies :*

    love you,
    lovely soul sister