viva #limkokwing2010

1 bulan je, 1 bulan!

i am such a big bad blogger. 
ah, alright..

foundation has ended, well it's relieving but sad because i had so much fun in limkokwing jakarta..
especially with the one who secretly stalkering this blog, lol, thank you sir i owe you much :D

i don't want to write much, except well i really really REALLY had fun in foundation, the teachers, the friends, the dramas, the ups and downs, i love #limkokwing2010 <3

and to those who stays in jakarta, i don't want to say goodbye.. no, because goodbye means forever. i'll just say see you later :D

see you later astrid :)
see you later kae :)
see you later sir kadek :)
see you later miss cheche :)
see you later koko pipin :)

i'm gonna miss you all :D


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