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some of you might've already seen this on my other blog that i've never touched again.
but i'm gonna post it here, too, the story of how i met my bestfriend :)

"okayyy this is jeje reporting from my bedroom, and so i wanted to tell you how i met this girl, lora, who is my bestie now. 
we met at this school, dian harapan daan mogot, which sucks so hard so i quit faster (LOL naahh the story’s not like that).
i entered that school before lora then she got in when we were in 10th grade or senior high school as we called it. 
at first i don’t know her, and she don’t know me. funny part is she was a friend of my boy’s ex-gf and she liked to talk about me behind my back (p.s that’s so cruel of you errhh) with that ex-gf because she (the ex) probably hates me that time, i don’t know about now, it’s been 2 years already.
lol okay back to topic.  then we got to the same class on 11th grade. at first i was, like, “okay i know you talked about me behind my back, you don’t even know me, gosh, who do you think you are?” but i don’t tell it to her face of course! but then we like to play together in the class with the others (memel, lidya, ella, oliph). we really started to get along, especially after we went to emporium mall together.
she said then after that she realized how funny i am (aww thanks :3) and she started to doubt what the ex-gf said, because eventually i was not the person that the ex described in her stories.
i usually tell my problem to my other friend that time, memel, but one day i had a big fight with my bf and memel was nowhere to be found, so i called lora. and hey, she is so fun to talk to, and i could talk many many hours with her on the phone. 
and we have this thing called buku oren (orange book), we scribbled stuffs there, but the one who wrote it the most is lora and me. we drew pictures and wrote secrets, and i had good laughs with her everyday. i knew then, she’s a friend that God sent to me (LOL, lora, you can go “awww” now).
we talked about stuffs, she has this monkey she called abang (LOL), she always tell me if she had a wonderful day with her monkey (double LOL) and if i had a fight with my bf or something to talk about, i always find her.
so then you know the story, we really, really get along well until now, even if i had gone to college faster than her (and i hope it will be forever, ya ga lora? hahahah)."

"friendship starts, but never ends"

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