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there's so much things that i wanted to write, but heck i can't figured out which comes first and last so i will write everything that's on my mind and please don't mind the sequence. oh yeah, some of them will be kind of cheesy and melancholic.. so if you don't want to read cheesy, melancholic things, please close the tab immediately and kindly wait for my next post, okay? yea yea, like i have reader on this blog.

*i miss you! be safe. and please don't hug other girls and cry with them. i'm only kidding when i asked you to do that. and i said i don't love you. but you know i'm a stupid liar.

*sooo many projects. haven't done them all. MOVE, you super lazy ass!

*i do love photography, but it's getting kinda.. well you know what i meant if you have to learn the same thing, twice. by the way i want to share some pics i took, too.. on the next post. after this. promise.

*tagged a note in facebook by this stupid girl named lora, lol, jangan ngemil luuu! this is the note :

dear my bestfriends,

for some moments that you, yes you! appeared in the pace of my life
i really felt grateful
blessed by your being here beside me
you're and i'm sure you'll always be there when i need you
cause you did
thanks for standing beside me through rain and storm
through dark and light time
i dont mind how you changed
one thing i know
i got nothing to repay
just a heart of friendship
you're far away but still
i know you're here
and i'll be there if you need me


p.s : esp for you two.

sweet, right? i'm blessed to have a friend like her. she's such a great poet and she has her own blog and she's so labile she has blogs before and abandoned them all the time so i will put her blog here after she decided not to abandon her new blog, too.

*the other one in the poem is oliph who is in malaysia right now, probably waiting for her boyfriend to come home, LOL, i want to meet her sooo bad! liph cepet pulang dong!

*i am so happy i entered limkokwing. i love you guys so much, you limkokwing guys are so awesome you've kicked barney stinson in the ass.

*can't wait to live with hanna and bella, and argue with them everyday, lol. mama hanna, please take care of us two, okay? and bang bells, if anything ever happen between me and hanna (because you know how much we like to fight, and i know if hanna ever read this she would say "gue nyantai kok" and ga, han, you're not) please please please remind me how hanna-chan is such a good friend and what she told me would probably be the best for me.

*will probably miss astrid and kae so much, guys please stay awesome, okay? and don't ever forget the pinky promise. good luck strid in london school, and kae in whatever-university-you-will-be-in, i knew you would succeed in everything you do, cause both of you are the coolest.

 *i still have that promise to hit that teacher after i graduate.. but i'm thinking to change "hit" into "a good handshake" because that teacher taught me so much, and yes like astrid said, he is our professor mosby.

*steve, sasa, kenny, koko, echa, gabby, all of you. i thank God for each and everyone of you. you all are the main reason i'm coming to school everyday, lol

*to cakra, please don't give up.

*yodi, shelli, abby, manda, okky, diana, rahma, can't wait to meet you guys soon!

*tomorrow we're going to visit the cancer community for our photography project. i'm kinda scared. but excited. but scared.

*oh please kindly visit http://kae-aliya.blogspot.com, it's an artblog made by kae to display her artworks.

*i think that's it. by the way i'm 18 now. i feel old. 

[enter goodbye messages here]

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