this is for you

"stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

i've been chanting those words since, well, may be 10 minutes ago.. yes i will pout a little tonight so if you don't want to see this melancholic post please close your browser. i'm so sorry but i think i really need to write this. yeah back to topic, if you're following me on twitter or maybe on my bbm contacts, you will see these words too. 

by the way i just wanna say :

"hello, dear you. i know we haven't been talking for a while since that time. i am really grateful to meet you, at least you made me know who my true friends are. i'm sorry if i disturb you or i ever made you mad, you know, things that i did are usually done without thinking, so i'm really really sorry if i hurt you. you did things too, you see, and i'm not too fond about it, but it's okay, well change started from ourselves first, right? so i'm on my way to forgive you with my Daddy's help. but it's way easier to forgive if i forget, so i'll try my best not to disturb you again. well i know that maybe i've hurt you so bad and you can't forgive me and you will continue talking about me, but it's okay. if it pleases you, do it. i won't do anything, really. i'm very sorry for everything that i've done that had hurt or is hurting you. and yes, you, this writing is for you. so please read it and please notice that i write this for you. God bless you :)"

ah, it feels great :D 

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