2011 :D

sorry for the long update :D

i went to sushi yakki with my bestest friends and i will tell you about it more later :) i'm currently falling in love with suju's bonamana and i will tell you about it more later, too, LOL

and it's now 2011! yaayyy!

i want to make list of thanks :)

first to GOD, of course, for without HIM i couldn't be here now, writing this post.

second to my family, thanks for supporting me, thanks for everything :D

then to my dearest boyfriend, thanks for the love, for the time, for the support, for the presents, for the hugs, for the pats on the head, for the "aku sayang kamu..", yes i do love you, my unromantic pacar :) 

then to my sisters and brothers in crime, andy garcia, elvira granita hardiman, lidya veronica, william setiawan, laura jaurissa, olivia sutanto, thanks for being there when i need somebody to hold on to :D love you guys soooo much :D

then to #LKW2010 :D i'm soooo grateful meeting you guys :)

then to coco and alpha and arvie, goldie, and serafina, my little angels who walk with paws :3

thanks for everyone who has, is, and will be entering my book of life, my life would be black and white without you all :D

once again,

happy new year 2011!

“we will open the book. its pages are blank. we are going to put words on them ourselves. the book is called opportunity and its first chapter is new year's day.” -edith lovejoy pierce

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