God is good

okay so.. this is a quick post.

i just got home from church, there is this reverence name ron sawka..
he's quite famous as a minister :)

he came to indonesia and he did anointing just now at my church.
we made lines and he prayed for us one by one.
just when he came to me, i don't know how did he do that (it's probably the holy spirit :D), he knew about things that i've brought into prayer, things that i have never told anyone before, and he told me specifically, he said, "you have 3 things that you've been praying for, keep praying, God is on His way, there would be changes." he also told me that i would be God's reflection, people will see me as a good child of God.

wow. this is so amazing. God heard me, all along..
i've been praying for that 3 things for quite a long time, and all this time, He knew and will do something about it.. i love you, Big Daddy! :D

well it's up to you to believe it or not, but this is true. i experienced this just now, and i believe that God is doing something special for me ;)

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