hello hellooooo :D

sorry for the long break, i can't use my laptop and what left is this stupid netbook and computer that can't even change profile pictures..
but here i am now, writing this post :)

two days ago i've went karaoke-ing with my boy and my friends, but i forgot to bring my DSLR so there won't be any photos of it, sorry :(

but this is what happened yesterday.

one of my bestest buds, lidya, came to my house out of boredomness on 7 o'clock.
i took some photos of her, pretending that she is the top model and i'm the professional photographer, lol :D
these are some photos 

the complete photos, you could see it in my facebook :D
we tried some light and shadow painting, too.
these are the results :

it was real fun! thanks liditoonnnggg ;)
ah, and today i went to my other best bud's home, lora :D
she has a mini pom too, her name is candy. i brought my coco to her house, and we took some photos of them and we took some photos of us too.
i will post the pics later :)

lora and lidya are just ones of my best buddies, there are many people who loved me and i love, and i will tell you about that specifically on some other post :D

by the way, lora and me made a blog together, you should totally check this out :

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