some random facts

my name's janice vania, it means god gracious gift.. isn't that sweet?
i live in Indonesia, and people here are sooo hard to speak my name, so they usually call me 'jen' but i hate it so much. i prefer to be called jeje :D

i love listening to music. any genres, as long as it is ear-catching. but i don't like rock, or dangdut, or screamo, nyahh. so not me. i can play piano, a bit of guitar, and some people say i have a good voice. i'm thinking of making a cover. later, maybe? let's see.

i love dogs very very much. i have 5 dogs at home. i'll tell you about them later.

i love my bestfriends. this, too, i'll tell you later, specifically.

this, i don't really know why, but i like even numbers such as 2 or 8 rather than odd numbers, especially 3 and 5. but i like the number 7.

my bedroom color is blue. previous color : pink! btw, i love the color blue.

i don't have asthma, but i have allergy. i'm allergic to dust and cold places. i would go berserk and sneeze all the time.

some people say i'm immature. but i'd prefer to be called childlike. 

i can't see ghosts. i don't want to see one. i am afraid of ghosts :(

i'm not too fond of people who is nosy (or here we called it KEPO) and like to spread rumors which is not always true. hear this. someday, i'll beat the hell out of you, people like that. :)

i thought that haters are fans on disguise, because they talk about you every time.
so for my fans, God bless you :D

i'm special in my own way. you don't like me? i don't give a damn. *wink*

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