hello again :D

so, i've been blogwalking for these past hours, probably because i've nothing to do..
and i knew that some of my friends are blogger too. 

and these are some of the blogs that i thought are awesome ;)

the author is ci christine natalia, and her words are truly inspiring :D

gabriella audrey's blog. it used to be a fashion blog, but now she said it is just a daily blog.

made by megan castillo. i couldn't say anything, just open her blog, kay? but too bad she hasn't updated it for a while.

written by the talented young fella, alexandra karyn. i love her style :)

this blog is my fellow #LKW2010's, diana :D this is her fashion blog.

this, too, is my colleague's blog, kae aliya. she's way too funny with her "nyeleneh" writing style, LOL. kaeeee if you're reading this i demand you to update your blog, k? ;D

okay i know this blog is waaaayyyy far from good..
i don't do fashion like audrey or diana, i can't write poems like karyn, i can't make good sentence structure that makes people go "aawwwww" like ci titin or megan, i can't give people some good laughs like kae, i can't even make good layouts for my blog. LOL

but i'm still learning, and i'm willing to learn more so one day i could be as good as one of them :) 

i hope that someday, someday, my blog would be listed in someone's blog as "one of the best blog i've ever read". LOL, is it okay if i daydream?

i'm a newbie in photography, too :D
so sorry if the pictures are bad :(


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