en garde! ;)

bonjour! my name is janice vania, and from now on this would be my daily blog :D
hmmm what to say, what to say..
ah, this is me and my highschool friends, from DHDM SHS

liditong's 17th bdae!

joshu's 16th bdae!

waterbom PIK

but i skipped 3rd senior grade and now i'm in college! here i am with LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY's colleague

fieldtrip to BALI~ by the way, the guy in this picture is a teacher! could you believe it?

this is the whole class, right after the 1st semester final presentation

and yeah, i'm 17 :D

this candles were made by my besties for my 17th bdae :')

this is me with my bf ;)

we've been going out for 2 years and 1 month now, and i hope it'll be forever :DDD

and this is me, with my lovely lovely dog, coco!

yup yup, one photos could tell a hundred stories, and i gave you 8 photos, you should have at least 800 stories in your hand, right?

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