cassanova von wolfgang :3

i'm back for my second post today :D

you probably wondered about my blog's background or maybe that cute thingy beside the facebook and twitter button..
that's my baby, coco ;3

oohh she is so-so-so-cute, and i love her so much <3

i'll tell you the history of she's coming to my house, kay? :D

it's probably 2 years ago, on january. i was on senior high school, 1st grade, 15 years old. my family and i went to bandung, and we went to paris van java.

i was so tired and grumpy that day, and my dad started to angry because i was so annoying. so before he explode and mad at me, i decided to walk by myself around paris van java.

after several minutes strollin around myself, i arrived at the entrance of this huge petshop-that-i-forgot-the-name, and i went in.

the first thing that i saw is this little cute baby pom, look so fluffy and round and tiny <3 and i ran right to it and holded it right away. it feels so soft, she's so tiny, so lovable, i love her so much from the first time i touched her.

then without thinking i ran looking for my father, and i immediately asked his permission to buy and keep that dog. he said he wanted to look at the dog first.
we went to that petshop again. after he saw that cute little thing, he immediately said no, because he doesn't like little dogs.

do you know what i did?

i cried. yup, a 15 years old girl like me, cried in a petshop, because my father didn't want to buy me a dog.

of course i don't cry like a little girl, i only weep a little bit and tears coming out of my eye. i don't even wanted to cry, i don't know why my tears keep falling. my father was confused, because i never cried because of things like this before. no wonder he's confuse, i, too, don't even know why i could cry.

then he felt pity (or curious, or ashamed because her 15 years old daughter is crying), and  he bought me that dog! gosh, i was so happy :D

and here she is, when i first brought her home :

here is when she got a little bigger :

this photo here shows when she was 7 months old :

and here she is, now :

she got darker fur and larger eyes, but she's way cuter than ever :D
i love her so much :3
btw i have another dogs, but i'll tell you about them later ;)

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