boredom attack

okay so.. we #LKW2010 students have already got our holiday, for 2 whole months!
naahhh if you think about it, it's not that great at all.
today is only the fourth day, but i already got bored..
so don't mind me if i write many posts today ;)

did i already mention that i love british accent? 
yup, british accent are so good on the ear, especially if the one who speak it is a good-looking one, like

jude law
i can't stand his eyes O.O
you probably know him alright.. 
daniel rafdcliffe, who's playing harry potter

and this oh-so-cute guy <3 <3

that last guy, aaron johnson, starring in the movie kick-ass as an ordinary teenager, dave, who sets out to become a real-life superhero calling himself "kick-ass". the movie itself is only so-so for me, some parts are too cruel :S, but i love the actors in here :D
they got nicolas cage, chloe moretz, and aaron johnson of course! :D

this is some more pics of aaron, in case that one isn't enough *giggle*

ooh and he's also starring in some other movies like angus, thongs, and perfect snogging; the greatest; nowhere boy; and soon-to-be played in cinemas : the chatroom.

btw, this is the bad news :
he already has a fiance. and a daughter.
and this is his soon-to-be wife

yeah. i know. what is he thinking, right? *sigh* 
this woman up here is sam taylor-wood. she's 42. and aaron's 19. yup, the world is going upside down :S

and this is the picture of them together :

look more like mother and son to me :S
no offense but.. yeah. LOL she's too old for you, aaron.. geez, what are you thinking?

aahh, anyways, it's time for lunch now :D
i'll be back right after i grab some food. bye for now ;) 


  1. forreal, like are you joking? she was 23 when he was born, does anyone not find that the least bit disturbing.. hes WAY to hot for that momma

  2. he doesn't look too happy with her....