bali! with #LKW2010

previous week, from November 2nd to 6th, we #LKW2010 students went to Bali!
oh so fun and unforgettable :)
here are some photos, taken by me, but with my friend's DSLR

see that? on the mirror? i'm the one holding the camera :)

and here are some photos, but were not taken by me

btw i made some temporary tattooes! 
see see see :D

there are 3 tattooes :
on left hand is the one that my teacher said looks like fuujin (from flame of recca manga)
on the right hand is the one that supposed to be a butterfly
and on left leg, bracelet style

and this is me! sorry if the quality is not okay, i only use webcam for these photos below :D

hip hip hooray for BALI!

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